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I seriously feel like I over think EVERYTHING!  In setting up my planner for this year, I could not decide how I wanted to incorporate the items I wanted to keep track of.  I did a TON of research on how I wanted to set it up and wanted to share my current planner set up with you.  Hopefully this can help someone like me who needs to do research before actually doing something.

2018 Planner

I am using the Shake it Up Classic sized Happy Planner with a white polka dot snap-in cover this year.  I find that the classic size is the perfect size for me and what I like to do with my planner.  I also use the expander rings since I have many sections in my planner.  My daughter has a mini and it is super cute.  She keeps track of things that she learned for the day, something fun she did that day, and nightly reading.  I also have a BIG Happy Planner that I am using for Memory Keeping.


I have created a “frankenplanner” this year, which basically means that I have taken multiple planner inserts and created something that works best for me.  You will understand this better as I explain each section that my planner contains.  I am also using the Glam Girl and Gold Foil Classic Dashboards to separate the sections in my planner.  I used my Brother label maker to label the dashboards and tabs.


This section is used to mark the beginning of the current month.

I use this so I can easily find find my monthly overview.



This dashboard marks the current week.  I use this the most as I usually check my weekly schedule a few times a day.

I keep a total of 4 months in my planner at a time.  This allows me to keep other sections that I like to use in my planner, and not have my planner too big.



This dashboard marks the Home section of my planner.  This section includes: Budget, Register, and Meal Plan.  I am wanting to add a cleaning section, but haven’t quite figured out how I want to do this.




I am using the Happy Planner Budget Extension Pack to track my budgeting this year.  I really like this extension, and find that it helps keep my track of what I am spending my money on.  Please see my “How I Budget” post to learn more about how I budget.


I have created my own checking account register to help me balance my “Family” checking account.  I am offering a free printable here: Checking Account Register (personal use only please).  I print the register front and back and have included a box around it so I know where to trim the page to fit in my Classic Happy Planner.  Then I use my Happy Planner Punch and insert the register into my planner.  I usually keep about 4 of these pages in my planner at a time.

Meal Plan

I have also created a Meals/Shopping List for my  planner.  Here is the free printable: Shopping/Menu  (personal use only please).  I also print this page front and back and trim to fit my planner.  I usually keep enough of these pages for the month.  I do my grocery shopping once a week as this is what works best for our family.  I plan my meals for the week and I feel that this helps me save money on groceries.  We usually have leftovers once or twice a week.  Having leftovers is a good way to get rid of the extra food in the fridge, and give me a break from cooking.


This dashboard marks the Goals section of my planner.  I currently only have a Fitness section within the Goals section.  I have seen others use the Happy Planner Wellness Extension Pack to track wellness in their planners, but I am not sure that this is something I need to track at this time.



I am using the Happy Planner Fitness Extension Pack to track my fitness goals this year.  I really like this extension pack.  I am able to track my food intake, view my “Current Diet” post for ideas, as well as my activity, sleep, etc.  I also created an Apple Watch Stat Tracker that will fit perfectly into the Exercise section of the weekly fitness pages.



This dashboard marks the Social section of my planner.  I use this section to track Social media for my Blog and LipSense business.  I use the Can-Do extension pack, which is basically like the trendsetter planner.  I love this extension!  It has a place for goals, things to focus on, trackers, and daily to-dos.



The last dashboard in my planner marks my notes section.  This section has the half sheet Happy Planner note paper as well as the Glam Girl sticky notes.  I like to have a place to write down random thoughts or things that I don’t really need in my weekly view.

That’s it!  I hope that you found this post helpful!

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