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The power of Paparazzi is in its simplicity. Choose your Starter Kit, pick a location for your Launch Party and invite your friends to come and shop. Then do it again and again! New styles are added daily, which means you can always restock with the hottest trends and your customers will love you for it. Party as often as you want to and earn 45% commission on every accessory you sell.

Work From Home!
Be Your Own Boss!
45% Commission!
Flexible Hours!



Find a Consultant to Be Your Sponsor

Your sponsor will be your Paparazzi mentor, and you will become a member of their team. I have a lot of resources and trainings available through my up-lines to help you and am always available for questions.

Choose Your Starter Kit

Each Starter Kit is carefully designed with the success of the newest Consultant in mind. Packed with marketing materials, business tools, and fabulous $5 jewelry, Paparazzi Starter Kits have everything you need to start changing the world $5 at a time. There are 3 kits available ranging from $99 to $499.

Check Out to Finish Enrollment

Check out is easy! You will be provided with access to your Paparazzi back office, which will give you access to ordering and your very own Paparazzi website.

Plan Your Launch Party!

Once you have enrolled as a Paparazzi Consultant, your kit will arrive shortly. You can begin to plan your Launch Party, with the help of your sponsor, of course. Get the word out that you are a Paparazzi Consultant and decide if you want a Facebook Launch Party or a Home Launch Party. The great thing about this business is that you can choose what works best for you.

That’s it! If you have been looking for an opportunity to make money and have fun doing it, becoming a Paparazzi Consultant is perfect for you.

Preview Pack

35 Pieces of Jewelry
Retail Value =$175

Small Home Party Kit

120 Pieces of Jewelry
Retail Value =$600

Large Home Party Kit

200 Pieces of Jewelry
Retail Value =$1000


Start in the black with Paparazzi pink! The moment you purchase your Starter Kit, you have immediate access to instant retail profit. Sell the inventory included in the Starter Kit of your choice and recover your investment plus make a profit! There’s no way to lose!


3 Ways To Profit
There are three different ways to make money in your Paparazzi business.
Direct Sales

Purchase inventory at wholesale pricing and sell it directly to friends, neighbors, family members, co-workers, and more! You pocket 45% price difference as retail profit instantly!

Build Your Team

Invite others to join your team and earn commissions from the sales they generate. Receive bonuses as you enroll new Consultants and create a thriving residual income.

Online Bonus

Receive a personalized replicated website with your own shopping cart where your customers can feed their $5 habit 24 hours a day! As with direct sales, you receive 45% commission on every accessory they buy, which is paid monthly via check or direct deposit.


Work from home… or anywhere! Throw parties, manage a team, and build the future you’ve always dreamed of from the comfort of your own home.

Taking charge of your future is a liberating feeling. As your own boss, you get to set your own schedule, get paid what you are worth, and call all the shots. You’ll soon discover why our Consultants loudly proclaim, “I love my boss!”

It’s simple. Buy inventory at wholesale, sell it at the fabulously famous $5 price, and pocket the 45% difference. No limits.

Set your own schedule and create a lifestyle that works for you.

Create an impressive residual income by building a team of Consultants who are committed to the Paparazzi mission of bringing strength, independence, and empowerment to individuals and their families by building confidence and financial freedom through affordable fashion. Don’t forget – extra cash is always just a party away! Compensation Plan

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